Wednesday, December 10, 2014


 My final offerings:  Black and White images of  metallic and reflective surfaces throughout our and my travels this semester.  With my best!

Thanks for the great  times and great memories!!  ;-)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

WK 15 Las Vegas Prime Document, 40 mm, Fremont St East, the Friendly Neighborhood

As it turns out, any day is good for shooting around Fremont Street East, even , or maybe especially wet,drizzly ones.  Aside from the sky.  Which needed to be avoided.  People were out, stepping around puddles and going their way, or perhaps huddled under awnings or in doorways. The Rest Barbershop was open for business and filled with hospitality. The famous street art was up, standing out against the gray sky; and a laid back young panhandlers with no writing on his sign (?!?) was headed somewhere. There were Spiffy Lawyers, nice enough to stop for a quick pose; people staying warm in the coffee shops; shop owners  hauling out sidewalk signs for the day; and two classical musicians tuning their guitars and beginning to play on the corner by Dennys.  And finally there was the man with the cap...When I first took his picture he didn't look happy at all. He wanted a cup of coffee.  But we talked for a while,  and eventually he took off his cap, threw out his arms, and smiled a really beautiful smile. I got that picture, and I think it was the best one all day.  I hope he got his coffee.  And for all of us, don't forget to shoot on rainy days.
Be happy, and thanks for the experiences and the memories.  It's been great.

                              A Cut Above! The Rest Barber Shop!

                               Timmy at the Rest Barber Shop

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Las Vegas Prime Doc, 40mm, Trip on a Train

Hi, friends! Hoping this finds you all well and ready for the finals push! Thanksgiving was a train trip home to Maryland for us. A new adventure across time zones and different geographies, spanning miles and lifestyles and offering ever changing vistas and delicious scenes and perspectives that left a photographer wondering how one could possibly get back to that place snuggled into Railroad land and take a real, composed shot.  Looking at the stars moving by at night, and waking up to constantly changing views all day, until when on the last morning, we woke traveling through woodlands piled thickly with glistening new snow. Passing through some areas, especially Harper's Ferry, felt solemn, as if from the presence of all who had passed through before, on whatever cause or desperate mission, and who had ridden the rails before.  On the train there was no t.v., no wifi,  and time to finish a whole thick book. Time just to withdraw from the world, meet new people,( maybe), listen to the sound of the locomotive whistle, and try to walk without getting knocked over.  Please contribute to the National Fund for New Amtrack Rails!!  Try it one day.  It's lovely.  I want to go back for Cherry Blossoms.  I hope you like the photos.  Blogger  decided on their order. I had them chronologically, but Blogger had other ideas.  My best to you.  Good luck! Be happy, be well, and good shooting!
from carol